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Your Partner for Everything Outdoor

Formerly known as Irvin Steel, Irvin Inc is one of the nation’s leading supply companies to Outdoor Advertising, offering quality, innovative solutions to meet the needs of our billboard clients, as well as our electrical and on-premise signage contractors. We strive to be a relevant industry force that brings positive solutions to Outdoor Advertising. Our customers are our driving force and inspiration to constantly do better and be better.

For more than 20 years, it has been our privilege to be a part of Outdoor Advertising and watch it grow and evolve. We are committed to bringing you solutions that are innovative, safe and reliable. From our non-conductive, lightweight and strong fiberglass billboard skirting, frames and billboard catwalks, to specially designed access/posting ladders and Holophane refurbished lighting, or billboard LED lighting, our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to be productive, safe and profitable.

Whether you need ratchets and rods, billboard safety gear, backlit led imprints and solar LED billboard lighting, a poster conversion system, or a complete billboard frame changeout, our pricing, quality, options and customer service will make your job easier and faster each and every time.

Make sure to explore our MarQuee LED billboard light created with input from some of the most respected names in Outdoor; it is positioned to become the industry's new standard in billboard lighting! While you're at it, don't forget to take advantage of our Refer-A-Friend program today!



Additional Products

Irvin offers a complete line of safety equipment from DBI-SALA. All of these products comply with OSHA and ANSI...
We have the largest selection and inventory of ratchets and rods. Plus everything else needed like vinyl clips, light clips, cable...
Our patented fiberglass billboard catwalk offers many beneficial features - the FiberCat is 75% lighter than steel, rust resistant...
Our patented FiberSkirt skirting alternative to metal and wood billboard aprons offers many benefits. Fiberglass skirting will not rust, never needs painting and it's lighter...
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