Backlit LED Name/Logo Imprints from Irvin

Backlit LED Imprints

Make your name stand out as clear as your billboard. With Irvin's LED backlit imprints, you can now ensure your current and potential customer's ability to remember your company name will be as easy to read as the message on your sign. Whether installed on an LED billboard or a traditional one, Irvin's LED backlit imprints provide the best quality with a super competitive price and make installation a snap.

They are surface mounted, which means no wire nor flat stock will be seen. Furthermore, the white acrysteel faces will never fade or discolor so you can rest assured knowing your white glow stays white. Super bright, quality housings and easy installation makes the choice of Irvin's backlit imprints as clear as your sign. Contact us for a custom quote today!

Click below to see and read more about our Backlit LED Imprints and find out why it sets the standard in billboard solutions for today and tomorrow!

  • Crafted of .090 Aluminum Backs and .080
    Aluminum Side Walls
  • 3/16" 7328 White Acrysteel Faces
  • High Performance 3M Translucent Vinyl Graphics
  • Tetra (GE) 7100 White LED Lighting System
    (Produces 8000 NITS Illumination Brightness)
  • Five-year warranty
  • Tetra LED System Power Supply
  • Exterior Grade polymer coated metal trim
  • Primed with acid etched aircraft primer
  • Exterior triple-coated with matt black Series 20
    Lacryl sign exterior paint
  • Interior triple-coated with light bright reflective
    white paint

Backlit LED Name/Logo Imprints Photos

Backlit LED Imprints Brochure

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Backlit LED Imprints Brochure

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