Billboard Metal Sign Panels

Billboard Metal Panels

Our billboard metal sign panels have been used by sign companies throughout the US for decades and are made for any size board. Our V-SERIES is strong and easy to install and features a patented hook-on stiffener for the easiest and strongest panels in the industry. Available in many sizes, it is ideal for use with vinyl wraps. Our J-SERIES is small but powerful for junior, eight sheet faces and is great for use in restricted zones or for a point-of-sale sign. The 5' x 11' posting area is accentuated with trim options. The H-SERIES/H250 provides beautiful versatility offering 250 sq. ft. of copy area highlighted with sleek, stainless steel trim. It allows for the option of posting or using easy-to-install vinyl inserts for the ad copy. Finally the H-SERIES/30 sheet system accents the message with horizontal panels in standard 30 sheet format providing 300 sq ft. of posting area. It is available with trim options that accentuate the advertisement as well.

Click below to see and read more about billboard metal sign panels and find out why it sets the standard in billboard metal sign panels for today and tomorrow!

  • Quick Component Assembly
  • Accommodates steel or wood structures
  • Low production cost
  • Cleanable and durable
  • Made in the USA

Billboard Metal Sign Panels Photos

Billboard Metal Sign Panels

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Overview Brochure
Billboard Metal Panels

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