Billboard Posting/Access Ladders by Werner

Werner Billboard Posting Ladder

Irvin distributes the full line of Werner brand climbing products and accessories - including our own fiberglass posting ladder. This revolutionary ladder was designed with the help of billboard posters and operations managers throughout the United States who offered valuable input. Our posting ladder is the First one in the industry utilized as a tie-off device that exceeded OSHA and ANSI 5,000lb force requirements and it is the First one that exceeded OSHA and ANSI twist requirements. In keeping with our commitment to quality, we are proud to have teamed up with the world's largest manufacturer of climbing equipment. This ladder is certified by Werner for use as an access ladder. Click here to view the steps to follow in order to do so properly.

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  • 1" diameter solid aluminum hook
  • Center anchor points distribute force to each rail
  • Exceeds OSHA and ANSI 5,000lb force requirements
  • 3" aluminum slip-resistant traction-tred steps
  • EDGE bracing system provides enhanced bracing
  • Double rivited steps and front/back bracing every 3-4"
  • 5' long extended wear sleeves provide slip resistance
  • Double braced bottom step
  • Slip resistant round hoop profile shoe
  • Front and back bracing provides improved twist resistance

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Posting/Access Ladder Brochure

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Ladder Brochure

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