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Your ratchets are the lifeblood of your billboards. They keep your advertisements looking great and most importantly, your customers coming back. Knowing that, Irvin has always sold the highest quality ratchets at the most competitive prices. We are the industry leader and will not compromise quality just to save a buck.

Three top reasons our ratchets are so easy to use and last a long time in the field.

1. The handles are large for even the biggest of hands to consistently tighten them down without fatigue or injury.

2. All moving parts are built to last and will do so time and time again.

3. Extra strong, UV protected webbing ensures that once tightened, an Irvin ratchet will do its job in any weather conditions.

There is a reason we sell more ratchets than all other suppliers to the billboard industry combined, and have done so for more than 20 years. We are proud to be a preferred vendor for this item to Lamar Advertising, Outfront Media (formerly CBS), Adams Outdoor and countless others. Our ratchets work better and longer than the cheap knockoffs. Contact us today and we'll send you one for free - to see and compare for yourself!

Our ratchet assemblies come in two styles: Light-Duty Assembly: a 1,500-lb ratchet available in 63" and 168" and a Heavy-Duty Assembly: a 3,000-lb yellow-chromate ratchet available in 63", 80", 144" and 192" (pictured above and left).

Please note: ratchets are sold by the case.

Read below about our ratchets and find out why they set the standard in billboard ratchet solutions for today and tomorrow!

  • Light or heavy duty options
  • 1,500 or 3,000 pound break strength
  • Standard or yellow chromated
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Webbing is UV protected
  • 3,000 lb provides extra large handle for ease of use
  • Largest inventory of anyone in the industry
  • Hight quality and durable

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Ratchets Brochure

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