LED Corn Lights for Signs and Warehouse Lighting

Another innovative offering from Irvin are LED corn lights. Use these to replace multiple HID bulbs in large sign boxes without any major retrofit or rewire! Quickly convert a large on-premise sign using six 400 watt metal halide bulbs to six LED corn lights and go from 2,400 watts to 720! No need to replace the entire fixture, just disconnect the existing ballast and connect the wires to the screw shell and you're done! Conversion is quick, easy, cost effective and immediately provides LED lighting with a 50,000 hour life and a five year warranty. Don't wait, convert today and start saving money on power and maintenance bills immediately.

Click here for LED tubes to replace fluorescent tubes!

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On-Premise Sign Boxes Ideal for LED Corn Lights

LED Corn Lights Brochure

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LED Corn Lights Brochure

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