MarQuee LED Billboard Sign Lighting Big Savings

MarQuee LED Billboard Lighting Savings

MarQuee LED has the largest LED billboard installed base in the world with fewer than 0.10% failures over a 3-year period. No other unit comes close to that failure rate. Furthermore, MarQuee LED has the most efficient heat-sink. So much so, that our LED's have TWICE the life of our closest competitor's published hours. Longest LED life plus lowest failure rate means highest ROI for you!

MarQuee LED's patented "brick" system means that when LEDs improve (and they will), you can simply "upgrade the brick" - no more entire fixture change outs.

No matter where you are in the country, the amount saved from power and maintenance can easily pay for your light investment. Rebates and incentives from your state are likely available as well to further increase your savings because MarQuee is DLC compliant. Click to see for yourself today!

Click below to see and read more about MarQuee LED and find out why it sets the new standard in billboard LED lighting for today and tomorrow! MarQuee LED is proudly made in the USA.

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