MarQuee LED Billboard Sign Lighting Testimonials

"For over three years, we looked at every light in the industry. We tested everything, with no agenda other than we wanted the best billboard light possible. The only light that met our performance requirements for design, power consumption, high quality, water resistance and lighting efficiency, was MarQuee LED.
From the vertical light plane that eliminates snow buildup, to the patented lenses that focus the highest percentage of light possible onto the billboard, to the low profile, quality of construction and ease of mounting and maintenance, we think MarQuee LED has no equal in the billboard industry."
Micky Vint
Vice President of Field Operations
Lamar Outdoor Advertising

"Like many in the outdoor industry, we spent considerable amounts of time testing numerous LED lighting options before we chose MarQuee LED. The quality of the light coverage on the face, along with the ease of installation made the final decision easy. The energy and maintenance savings are tremendous and make the initial investment a wise choice."
Michael Mielke
Corporate Director Of Operations
Adams Outdoor Advertising

Click below to see and read more about MarQuee LED and find out why it sets the new standard in billboard LED lighting for today and tomorrow! MarQuee LED is proudly made in the USA.

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