Titan Flex System for Billboards and Large Signs

All Panel-free frames are not created equal. Protect your investment with the frame engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, and included on some of the largest, most high-profi le billboards in the country. The patent-pending Titan Flex System was designed to eliminate the need for wood or metal sections. Engineered to withstand
high wind loads, this structural steel unit eliminates the unsightly bent corners found in inferior designs. It comes
complete, to support both the vinyl advertisement, as well as an internal backup vinyl. An interior vinyl ensures your branding is front and center when you are searching for your next advertiser. Click to view the assembly guide.

Titan can be ordered as a retro-fit to an existing structure or as part of a new build. On smaller boards, up to 36ft wide, reduce costs and weight with Titan Lite, fabricated utilizing 2" x 2" square tubing. The standard Titan Flex - comprised of 3" x 3" square tubing - is available in all configurations and for a variety of unique applications, including wallscapes.

Cutouts and extensions? No problem. Titan's extension clip kits ensure secure mounting every time. Titan's superior design also offers adequate spacing between the advertisement and interior company branding vinyl, eliminating the risk of moisture and mold build up between the faces.

Quality structures are the backbone of a billboard business. They should be supported by solid designs and materials made to last. But not all panel-free frames are created equal and inferior products can compromise the integrity of the overall unit. Trust your boards to Titan, the powerhouse in panel-free frames.

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Titan Flex System

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