FiberSkirt Billboard Skirting/Apron

FiberSkirt Billboard Skirting

Irvin is pleased to offer another first in the industry with our fiberglass skirting - FiberSkirt. This alternative to metal and wood billboard skirting offers many benefits. Fiberglass skirting will not rust and it's lighter than metal or wood, making it easy to handle and more economical to ship.

Click here for steel billboard skirting options.

Our fiberglass skirting is available in a smooth finish or various textured finishes and can be flat or corrugated to meet your needs. We can color match any PMS color on minimum square foot runs. Skirting can be painted if needed.

Click below to see and read more about FiberSkirt and find out why it sets the standard in billboard skirting for today and tomorrow!

  • 75% lighter than steel
  • Custom colors and shapes available
  • Lightweight, solid fiberglass construction
  • Rust resistant and never needs painting
  • Non-conductive

  • Fast setup without cranes
  • Accommodates steel or wood structures
  • No welding required
  • Cleanable and durable
  • Made in the USA

FiberSkirt Billboard Skirting/Apron Photos

FiberSkirt Assembly Guide

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FiberSkirt Assembly Guide

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